When to Wear (or Not Wear) a Utility Kilt

Although the short answer is yes, it wouldn’t make for a great blog post. Let’s dive deeper into the worlds of kilts…and male fashion (gasp!) and discuss when it is appropriate to wear a utility knife kilt.

Instead of using wool, a utility kilt can be made from scottishkiltcollection.com heavy-duty cotton. You can wear it on many occasions, and you can choose from a variety of neutral colors and patterns. However, it is not something you want to wear at a wedding. We are here to help you choose the right kilt for your occasion.

1) Casual Wear

It’s casual. It’s casual.

Casual wear is a broad category. Comfort is the key. Your Adidas Ultraboosts and flip-flops will look great with your Electric Neon Orange Utility Kilt (we don’t offer this kilt). Common fashion practices are the only thing that could limit you, but let’s face it, we don’t wear kilts. Lol. Lol.

2) Wear Work Wear

You can do woodwork in your garage or go on long hikes. This is where the utility kilt will be most at home. If utility is important to you, look no further. Workwear should function more than form. Dress for the task. Sunblock is also recommended for outdoor activities. This is a friendly reminder.

3) Smart Casual Wear

Smart Casual is an upgrade to your regular casual wear. This is a more sophisticated version of casual wear, but still casual and relaxed. You can dress up your Utility Kilt by pairing it with a tee-shirt and a blazer, or a long-sleeve shirt like chambray.

4) Business Casual

Wait …. Wait…Smart Casual and Business Casual are two different things?

Yes. Let’s just say that. Although business casual is a stylish, relaxed style, it should still be professional. It’s like going to work in a casual suit. You would wear your Metallica or Dragonforce t-shirt and a blazer over it. No, not at all.

Modern offices have made business casual a standard when a suit or jacket is not necessary. A sweater or blazer, worn with a neutral-colored utility knit, is a good choice in a casual setting. A classic oxford shirt would work well when matching a shirt. Shoes It is not possible to wear boots or sneakers. You should consider smarter shoes like loafers, brogues, and derby shoes made of matte leather.

5) Business Formal

Okay, let’s get into formal territory.

At this level, a basic button-down shirt is not enough. Business formal is the dress code for meetings and corporate events. Business formal is smart, elegant, and, most importantly, simple. An office-appropriate outfit is required to dress professionally. Perhaps a dark-colored suit with notch lapels. If you really must wear a Kilt, choose a color that matches the suit jacket and tie. Choose a subtle or patterned shirt. For business casuals, keep the brighter colors to yourself. Your bog-standard Oxfords are the best choice for footwear. For accessories, keep it simple with a leather sporran or a kilthose. Keep it simple is the key word here.

6) Cocktail Wear

This dress code is for parties and evening events.

The business formal’s subtlety is gone. You want to stand out, not blend in. To match your utility kilt, a slim-fit jacket is the perfect choice. Cocktail suits should be modern and tailored for nighttime. There is a big difference. The modern cocktail suit is usually in darker colors and has a sheen to it. Although I don’t expect you have to wear a utility kilt made from the same fabric, at the very least match your suit jacket. You can wear a dress shirt, polished shoes, a sporran, slim tie and maybe a pocket square. The perfect finishing touch to the look? You can make your mark by wearing a kilt at a party if you really want to.

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