Various Radon Inspection Aspects And Values

Being a colorless and odorless gas, the human eye cannot detect it. However, Radon Inspection is possible with the help of radon testing devices. Many people say that radon gas is just an ordinary gas. Nevertheless, if you go through the Environmental Protection Agency’s report, it is mention that the deaths because of radon gas are much more than the drunk driving. Each Year, more than 30,000 people die because of this unseen weapon. Therefore, it is the responsibility of individuals to look after this dangerous gas.


There is an urgent need for radon inspection if you buy a new house or you living at a place for years. No matter what place it is, you should go for radon inspection and after detecting the radon presence, the only possible way to get rid of this gas is the radon mitigation system.


Radon Inspection Devices

To detect radon gas, there are various two main paths. One is the short-term radon testing and the other is the long-term testing device.


Short-term radon testing kit

A short-term radon test can last for two to ninety days depending on the device used. If you want to detect the radon presence in a short period, you can go for two main devices, and with the help of anyone; you can easily detect the radon presence.


For detecting and inspection radon presence, radon particles encounter alpha foil and the gas leaves its tracks that are analyzed in the laboratory afterward. The whole process takes a maximum of sixty to ninety days.


The charcoal test kit detects the presence of radon gas with the help of a charcoal patch. Charcoal absorbs the radioactive rays that are examined in the lab to know the exact amount of radon gas at a place. In addition, the accuracy of this kit is 99 percent. However, for better results, EPA recommends the long-term radon testing procedure.


Long-term radon testing kit

If you want to cover the overall fluctuation in the radon reading, a long-term radon testing kit is the best solution. This is a continuous method of radon testing.


After the detection of radon gas, it is the responsibility to do the effort to eradicate it. Radon mitigation systems are recommended pieces of art to do so. We are providing the best radon mitigation system in the area.


Our installed systems last for decades. However, remember, with the running of the system, maintenance is mandatory. We can do any kind of repair and replacement in the installed mitigation system.

Platform To Trust

Our team works according to the EPA rules and regulations. We have a variety of residential and commercial radon mitigation systems. Before the installation of the mitigation system, there is a complete inspection of the place to estimate what kind of mitigation system would be ideal for the place. There is no need to worry about the radon inspection. We have a team of experts that is the best option for radon inspection, radon mitigation system installation, and radon testing.


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