Best 2 Person Kayak

Couples could hang out and have fun through a Two-person kayak, tell me this? What better way to have fun with your wife or your husband than to have to go on a boating/ kayaking together. It’s a way of enjoyment/ bonding and it’s a great way of celebrating for the new couples. Now a tandem kayak is a kayak that is capable of harnessing 2 paddlers and also there is sometimes an extra space to accommodate another paddler too. This is far better than the sun dolphin kayak which accommodates 1 person only. This is just a deal-breaker but if we say that with tandem, we get the whole package then it won’t we for nothing. Tandems are much bigger and also unlike solo yaks. They are much harder to turn but is much easier to paddle because it uses the energy of both persons for paddling.

Why Choose Tandem Kayak:

You may ask why choose a tandem kayak over a solo kayak? Let me tell you both the advantages and disadvantages of the tandem kayak so, you may decide it for yourself.


  • Perfect for Families:

Small families can easily fit in a tandem and solely because of this reason it is preferred by families.

  • Easier to Paddle:

Paddling is easy as compared to a solo kayak because it uses the power of both people paddling.

  • One can take breaks:

When two paddlers are on board then one can take a break eventually because paddling for the whole day is a tiresome job.

  • More Fun:

When there are more than one people then the fun is easy because as it is said the more the merrier. You get a chance to socialize and have fun.

  • Sufficient Space:

Solo Kayaks can not only store less but also, they are smaller in size as in tandem kayaks which are bigger and they can store a lot i.e. 1.5 times bigger in size.

  • Good for emergency:

As there are 2 people on board so it easy for one person to get out and the other can help him unlike in solo kayak there is no one to help in the times of need.

  • Take a Dog:

As we know dogs are man best friends so we say that we want to take him with us, so in a tandem kayak you can unlike that in a solo kayak.



  • Transport and Storage Issue:

As these kayaks are bigger and heavier in size so you need to have a perfect plan set up for its storage and its transportation in place. Then and only then you can move and store them.

  • Less space as compared to 2 solo yaks:

It occupies less space as compared to that of 2 solo yaks so, if you are buying of space instead of 2 solo yaks then you might probably have to think again on this matter!

  • Overlapping and Mismatching of paddling:

Mismatching can take place easily i.e. if one kayak decides to paddle slower while the other faster then mismatching occurs which results in a chaotic situation.

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