Thinkware F770 Dashboard Camera Review


Smartphone Apps

On several cameras like the Yi Dash Cam files can be browsed by you And record at exactly the same time but maybe perhaps not the F770. When You join over WiFi all recording stops

For many it’s not worth the price. For routine recording two distinct cameras might be of value that is greater but you might miss out on convenience and reliability.



  • Unfortunately the firmware can’t be updated by you through the As possible with different cameras such as Yi and Blackvue Program. You want to download a file, place it and insert it in the thinkware f770 review


  • There’s a number of languages also if you Change the setting it’s going to alter the spoken vocabulary.


  • You can individually set Useful if the back window is significantly tinted.


  • Switching involving parking manners (motion detection, timing Lapse) will demonstrate a prompt letting you understand all of parking mode files will probably be deleted first. Why it compels you to do this, I don’t know. I am happy I backed up my files .


Daily Use


No speed alarms which gives you warnings in case you exceed a Set speed. I’ve found this useful in Different cameras to prevent highway speeding tickets


  • While the crisis record is hard to see you Ca switch off the camera as with other cameras.


  • G-Sensor is useful. I’d take the time to adjust it for The greatest sensitivity with no bulge trigger the detector


  • You can turn off the safety LED in the settings so it Does not give your camera away


  • Super Night Vision was powerful to wash regions that are darker up During left-handed recording


Video Quality


Glass distortion on the borders as the camera will be Near the glass. Not much you can do about that.


  • WDR being turned on or off makes no difference that is noticeable To my eyes. It has the same amount of sharpness and dynamic variety.


Where to Get It?


Viofo has a number of retailers listed on their webpage. We’ll list them below and talk about the sellers. It is worth paying The additional $10 for the GPS mount as advantage enhances but it’s not necessary.






Download Raw Pictures: DR650 — F770 [/ / twocol_one_last]


Added Testing Notes


Since I am strapped for time, here notes in my tests. With photographs this section will soon be expanded in the future. If you’ve got a query leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you!




  • No Choice to flip the camera from the configurations


  • To properly install the camera the written text as It confronts you needs to be upside down


  • wire clips that are Contained were effective on curved Surfaces as it utilized thick gel pads in comparison with the sparse tape variations found in different cameras


Computer Program


  • There is Windows and a Mac application, both having the same Performance and design. As there’s not any thumbnails, hard to find a specific files. I would use dashboard cam viewer.


For Your PC programs you can’t change lane Departure/forward collision warnings, g-sensor sensitivity and several different characteristics. Use the Program.


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