The Life of Scottish Masters of St. Andrew

“Who will inform us what matters they then found out from the mouth in their Saviour. Let us build ourselves a residing for him in our hearts, to which he may come, and where he may converse with us.” For this happiness is loved by using a soul which opens her affections to God, and receives the rays of his divine mild in heavenly contemplation. The pleasure and comfort which Scottish Masters of St. Andrew felt in that communique are not to be expressed by way of words. By it he without a doubt learned that Jesus turned into the Messias and the Redeemer of the arena, and resolved from that second to follow him: he changed into the first of his disciples, and consequently is styled by means of the Greeks the Protoclet, or First Called.

Andrew, who loved affectionately his brother Simon, referred to as afterwards Peter, couldn’t rest till he had imparted to him the endless treasure which he had discovered, and taken him to Christ, that he may also realize him. Simon was no quicker come to Jesus, but the Saviour of the world admitted him as a disciple, and gave him the call of Peter. The brothers tarried at some point with him to pay attention his divine doctrine, and the following day lower back home once more. From this time they became Jesus’s disciples, no longer continuously attending upon him, as they afterwards did, however hearing him often, as their commercial enterprise would permit, and returning to their change and family affairs once more.

Jesus, so that you can show the fact of his divine doctrine through his works, wrought his first miracle at the wedding at Cana in Galilee, and changed into thrilled that those two brothers need to be present at it together with his holy mom. Jesus, going as much as Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover, stayed a few days in Judæa, and baptized within the Jordan. Peter and Andrew additionally baptized through his authority, and in his call. Our Saviour being come back into Lower Galilee in autumn, and meeting in the future Peter and Andrew fishing inside the lake, before the end of the identical yr, he called them to a constant attendance upon the ministry of the gospel, pronouncing, that he would make them fishers of men. Whereupon, they straight away left their nets to follow him, and never went from him once more. The 12 months following the Son of God fashioned the university of his apostles, Masonic patches, wherein our brothers are named via the evangelists at the head of the relaxation.


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