sebago boat shoes – Buying guide, Classification and Tests in 2020

Boat shoes – Buying guide, Classification and Tests in 2020

Practical, elegant and above all timeless! We are talking about boat shoes here. Originally designed for navigation (hence the name), they invaded our cities. There is now a farandole of models. So which ones to choose? You just have to go to the shoe shelves of a clothing store to understand the full extent of the problem. Today we are offering to make your task easier. In our buying guide, you will learn how to recognize good and bad products. And to reduce the choice, we have listed some very good boat shoes. The Beverly Originals Boat Shoes are a classic pair, with a leather upper. They exist in 9 different colors. With their moccasin style, they are very elegant. TheTimberland Ekhert2Eye are also to be considered. They have a flat rubber sole and self-locking laces. These boat shoes are robust and comfortable.



 How to choose good boat shoes?

It’s time for you to flesh out your wardrobe a bit. A pair of boat will allow you to try different looks for the summer. The question that arises is: how to buy boat shoes with better value for money ? So if you need help choosing your pair of shoes, follow the guide. 

Manufacturing quality

This point applies to all pairs of sebago boat shoes in general. These are probably the things we use the fastest. They must therefore have a minimum of solidity and robustness. And these qualities can only be acquired through careful manufacturing.


First, the type of material used, both for the top and the inside. For the former, leather is almost compulsory. The imitation is more affordable, as you will see in a price comparison. But in terms of longevity, it is quite questionable. The interior is more variable. It can either be leather, fabric, synthetic or natural.


Second, the type of sole. Often made of rubber, it will be the most tested. So check that it will not wear too easily.


And last point, the seams. They make it easy to know whether the shoes are of good quality or not. And that, even an untrained eye can see it. They should be tight and appear robust.


Again, like all shoes, it’s important to be perfectly comfortable in it. Comfort is an important criterion, even for pure “fashion men” for whom design is essential. Because remember that they are worn without socks and that you will have to walk with them and will have to stay in them all day.


For this characteristic, you will especially have to rely on the advice of those who already own the model you are considering. Indeed, all the pairs on the market will necessarily say ultra comfortable. Only users can tell the truth.


The type of interior can however be a good indicator. Leather is a solid material, but can be rough and rigid. The fabric is softer. Synthetic it will be more resistant, but natural, it will be more pleasant on the skin.


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