s928 sports watch Review

The S928 (also known as the Makibes G01) is a sub-$100 fitness tracker with heart rate monitor.

As a mid-range, the S928 can be described with that price range Fitness tracker being a bit more complex than basic versions (which have just pedometer and sleep monitoring works ) and less advanced than more expensive s928 sports watch such as the Xiaomi Amazfit.

Product Highlights

  1.     GPS monitoring
  2.     Heart rate monitor (optical detector Technology)
  3.     Pedometer, barometer
  4.     1 inch monochrome display (128 x
  5.     Android / iOS compatibility (HPlus Watch program )
  6.     380mAh battery with 20 hours Standby time (two hours charging time)
  7.     Replaceable silicone straps
  8.     Heart rate alarms (upper and lower limits)
  9.     Sleep track
  10.     Sedentary reminder
  11.     Activity manners:
  12.         Pedometer
  13.         Hiking
  14.         Running
  15.         Walking
  16.         Cycling
  17.     Smartphone messaging alarms
  18.     Magnetic charging dock
  19. Comfort and Build Superior

The S928 is despite having a affordable price tag Actually constructed quite well and the silicone straps are comfortable. The straps, available in orange or black, are replaceable which is yet another plus point. On your wrist, the S928 does not feel bulky although it looks.

s928 sports watch

The buttons are well-placed and also have beep and a texture When pressed. Construction is very good although care ought to be taken when using the S928 in environments. I’ve worn it a few times after taking a shower and moisture managed to creep into the watch and fog the screen from the interior up. This is not with that said . It can probably withstand light showers and drizzle when biking or running but nothing more intense than that.

This S928’s monochrome screen’s display quality is good. Numbers and text seem sharp enough although I feel contrast is its weakest aspect. There are 16 levels for comparison and I find. Viewing angles are good as long as you set the comparison to 16. In low light, the screen has a dedicated button for a backlight that works very well.

General Features

Aside from the heartbeat sensor and pedometer, the S928 has many Other characteristics that appeal to outdoor and adventure pursuits. It’s sensors that let you know the air pressure, temperature and altitude you’re at. It has a reminder and alerts that can be set during exercise for upper and lower target heart rates. The reminder that is sedentary works by alerting you like sitting at a desk for hours, when you’re not moving much.

The S928 has activity monitoring modes — pedometer

Walking, biking, hiking and running. Each task mode is capable of recording data fields applicable to the action itself. The hiking mode, for instance, calories burnt, shows time, distance traveled, steps taken and elevation gained. After yousave the activity document and’ve finished a trekking excursion, you can view these information areas on on the program on your smartphone or the watch.

When recording an activity, you’re able to toggle through a Data field display that shows various particulars. When biking the display shows you data fields such as elapsed time, current speed, distance traveled, calories burnt and heart rate.

Although build quality and menu navigation is very great, the S928 Is shipped with a user guide that is written completely in Chinese that makes it hard to understand what some of the icons from the menu imply if you don’t read Chinese. After a few months of using it, I am still unsure what some of the menu icons mean.


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