Real Estate Cloud – Why is it Safe and Important?

Do you know the importance of having a good cloud for real estate ? This can even be a technical matter and one that you will often end up delegating.

However, know that it is extremely important to keep control of all your company’s assets so that, with this, we can decide what is best for each moment.

But, at the same time, it is essential that this control is not just with one person. For more directional productivity, it’s critical that you enable people to work in a group and that they can then have the freedom to access files on their computers.

Whether it’s a simple spreadsheet or a Word document, when this is easily available to your team, the work is sure to yield much more.

But how can this be done? How can this flexibility and practicality be created? There are several ways. But the main one, and the most suitable one, is through a cloud for real estate agencies.

Therefore, Blueworld City will make you understand everything about the topic from now on. Follow up!

Cloud for Real Estate – What is it?

Before we go into the more technical part and the main benefits of making your real estate more flexible with technology, we need to understand: what is a cloud for real estate companies? In short, it’s very simple.

A cloud is nothing more than a way to have a storage of files and data in one place accessible to all people who work in the environment.

The cloud, in this case, is an open server that works over the internet and you can then store and share files in a practical, fast, secure and functional way with your entire team of brokers.

In other words, instead of transferring files via a pendrive or even an external hard drive, a simple click can make all employees have access to the data you want to share.

In addition to all this practicality, a good cloud for real estate agencies guarantees a lot of security for the medium and long term of your company. And to help you understand this, we’ve separated a list of benefits of using this technology. See below.

How important is it to use a good cloud for real estate?

So far, we already understand what a cloud for real estate agents is. However, we still don’t understand how this can actually help your business grow and stay safe on a daily basis. Well, to help you with that, we’ve put together a list with some of the best benefits you can find from automating processes and delegating functions to technology.

When you delegate functions to technology, many situations change in your company. Some for the better, some for the worse. But, they change. Therefore, it is essential that you understand exactly the motivations for certain changes and, of course, know where to start and what can directly impact employee productivity.

And when we talk about external and online servers (the famous cloud), certainly many changes will take place. Whether in the work process or in the adaptation process. And to help you, we’ve listed the main benefits that this technological tool can then bring into your office.


  • data and information security;
  • Optimization of resources and equipment;
  • Flexibility and convenience to access information;
  • Little or no chance of losing information;
  • Data centralization for better organization;
  • Automatic and regular backup;
  • You can only concern yourself with strategies and growth;

We’ll talk about each of these benefits in detail below. Keep reading!

Data and Information Security

Data and information security, then, is the first criterion we need to consider when installing or implementing a good cloud for real estate.

If this is the most important factor for you to make the decision to take your data to a secure server, be aware that it is present in the process.

These days, any business, big or small, needs to protect its information in a smart way. Before, this could be done physically, printing documents and locking them in a hidden drawer, or even a safe.

Of course, it is still possible to “appeal” to the physical. But, the digitization of work is increasingly present and, with that, we also need to guarantee the security of this aspect.

Every time a collaborator saves a document or even sends an e-mail, this information is “loose” on the network. And it will only be protected with the help of a cloud or a server that can store this information encrypted and properly locked.

We’ve already talked here on the blog about the importance of using SSL certificate on the real estate website and, of course, data protection in the cloud follows this same principle.

Optimization of resources and equipment

Another excellent benefit that a good cloud for real estate offers is the issue of optimizing resources and equipment. Think of what would be easier: saving a document on a USB stick and taking it to a collaborator’s desk, or saving a document in the cloud and asking the collaborator to open it via the internet? Of course, the second option becomes much more advantageous.

A good cloud can make several issues of organizing your work and your real estate, no longer need to happen in a time-consuming way. After all, to make a file or tool available, just go up in the cloud and that’s it, everyone in your network of employees and brokers can access, as long as they have permission to do so.

This saves time, money and, of course, ensures speedy work and processes. Optimizing your day to day is essential for a better performance.

Flexibility and convenience to access information

One more incredible benefits that the cloud for real estate to offer: flexibility and practicality to access information. But what does this mean?

Well, the issue of accessing information is very simple. After all, with a good cloud, any employee can access documents and information in order to work on a daily basis. In addition to keeping everything organized in one place, you have control over what’s being done, saved and changed.

The issue of flexibility concerns the style of work. With access to a cloud and data on an online server, your team and you can access documents and files from anywhere, without having to be at the computer inside the real estate agency.

So, to solve an urgent matter, fix a problem or even verify information, it becomes practical from the moment that this information is available anywhere.

Also, if you need to do a remote work (home office), it is very simple to organize. After all, data will be centralized and work can happen from anywhere.

For times like the Coronavirus crisis, for example, the issue of remote work is fundamental. And with a cloud for real estate, it becomes simple to implement.

Little or no chance of losing information.

The fear of losing data or information about customers or prospects is natural. After all, we never know when a computer or hard drive can break down, do we? With that in mind and to “overcome” these fears, a good cloud system can make this type of situation never happen.

All you need to do is store the data in your online account and keep a backup always up to date. This not only guarantees security (no one will be able to access it), it also guarantees accessibility and guarantees that the files will stay there, saved forever. You don’t accumulate extra pendrivers, external hard drives or computers.

Data centralization for better organization

Centralizing data is critical to organizing any office. Having a document here, a file there, a folder there, will hardly be useful for those looking to optimize processes, generate revenue and increase revenue. On the contrary: this interferes a lot.

But with a cloud system, everything will be easier. Imagine that there is a central computer, which stores all your real estate information and data so that your team can access whenever and wherever they want. Well, in practice, this is what happens. And to ensure that everything stays that way, just train the team so that they use the system correctly and in an organized way.

Automatic and regular backup

Backing up is critical for any business. Keeping data always updated and saved in different places is a smart attitude, in order to anticipate any problems with external hard drives.

After all, we never know when they will fail or break down, do we? And this could mean the total loss of the data saved there.

But when you back up to the cloud, it doesn’t. After all, you don’t have to worry about physical damage. And when this backup is automatic, everything gets even better.

So look for cloud storage systems that can create these automatic backups from time to time. So you don’t have to worry about doing the process manually. Everything will be saved and ready to use whenever and wherever you want.

To complement your reading, see here how to make an integrated real estate management .

You can only worry about strategies and growth

And finally, one of the most important benefits: you only care about what’s important! Yes, you don’t need to focus on solving small, logistical or data organization problems.

Let the cloud do this for your real estate agency so you can look for new customers and make new deals. Which is what will make your company, in fact, make money.

How to choose a good cloud for real estate?

So far, we understand what a cloud for real estate agents is and what are the best benefits it can offer. But how can you choose a good system? What to consider and what not to consider? Let’s see below:

  • Access needs to be easy and universal;
  • Look for cost-effectiveness;
  • Make comparisons between plans;
  • Train your team to work in an organized way with the server;

We’ll talk about each of the items below. Follow up to be able, even today, to choose a good system to implement in your real estate.

Access needs to be easy and universal

The first step is to understand what cloud access will be like.

It is essential that this be very simple, practical and efficient. Otherwise, what should help, will end up getting in the way. Preferably, look for systems that can be installed directly on your real estate’s computers, such as Google Drive or even Dropbox.

The more convenient it is for the user to save and retrieve files from the server, the better. Thus, you will be ensuring that, in fact, the system is useful for your real estate and you can make it grow.

Look for cost-effectiveness

The second step is to look for a cost-benefit ratio. In other words, try to find a system that can offer more features, for a smaller investment. Some companies sell longer plans and, with that, you end up getting a good discount. This can be very useful to apply in the medium and long term.

You’ll know you’ve found the best cloud system after doing this analysis and, of course, implementing. Some things only work with tests, and the case of a good system in this sense, too.

Make comparisons between plans

Making comparisons can help you put the above topics into practice.

So don’t hesitate to open up several different plans and write down what each one can offer for the price you’re paying. This sounds simple and trite. But believe me, it makes all the difference for you to take a more decisive and accurate attitude.

Train your team to work in an organized way with the server

And finally, train your team so that the system doesn’t become a problem, but a solution. That is, you will need to create a workflow so that files are always saved in the cloud and never checked out. This is a matter of culture and you will need to teach people to act accordingly.

A sudden change can be laborious. But if it’s for the good, it can certainly be positive. Good sales!


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