These Days, University Town Islamabad is A job discussed consistently in the nation’s property marketplace. After the first bout of fascination enclosing it, it stayed dormant (when it comes to buyer/investor action ) for a certain time. It was not long, but prior to the local Islamabad International Airport became functional. This development further emphasized the positioning of University Town Islamabad — contributing to a general growth in real estate value.

Undertaking Description

Located Across the Kashmir Highway, University Town is observable by the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M-2). Additionally, it drops near the Islamabad Toll Plaza on the Exact Same road network. The project is comprised of six cubes : B, A, C, D, E, and F. University Town Islamabad’s place is near some critical sectors of the Capital Development Authority (CDA). Still, the home scheme is formally part of Rawalpindi. Hence, the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) manages its own affairs. The stated the civic body has also issued a No-Objection Certificate (NOC) for all of the cubes of this society.

Detailed map emphasizing various Cubes of University Town

The University Town Islamabad map spans 7,500-kanals. It comprises plots of 5 and 10-marlas, and these sized 1 kanal.

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Even though Development has been continuing in different blocks, Block F is not yet been developed. Below, there are all the details regarding the evolution and ownership condition of the undertaking.

Undertaking HISTORY

This Housing scheme started its operations in 1992 but stayed inactive for a while. The job began gaining popularity after the Islamabad International Airport’s inauguration started to approach.

The RDA accepted the job’s town program in December 2017: a favorable development for real buyers. More attention grown as the Islamabad International Airport began its operations in May 2018.

Pros Consider that relatively low storyline costs will be the main reason behind the job’s popularity. The home scheme experienced a slow but consistent cost appreciation following the inauguration of this airport. This was, of course, fantastic news for people who’d already spent. Resultantly, this shortly sparked increasing interest from different investors and buyers.


University Town includes well constructed Streets and gorgeous infrastructure

Blocks A B, and D are fully developed and ready for ownership. If you purchase a scheme in these businesses, it is possible to immediately begin building your property. Mr Inam Ul Haq from Classic Real Estate Agency said that plots in Block A will also be prepared for ownership — up until Street 24. The programmers aren’t handing over ownership for the remainder of this block nonetheless.

Block C isn’t prepared for ownership, and its own commercial area is under development. Meanwhile, the development function in Block E has attained 75% conclusion. Agents report that ownership within this region will be accessible over the next four to six months.

Block F continues to remain minimally developed, therefore ownership Isn’t available yet

Maintain In mind that these prices are introduced concerning an normal selection.

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