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The Léna conditions collection with Maybelline, sold out in a single time
Advertising impact . A small cooperation at the termination of the year that pleased the Léna issues community! The YouTuber held the venture key till the last week before exposing the whole thing each day before their release. The youthful Parisian worked alongside Maybelline on an accumulation of lipsticks.

But she failed to produce the item from A to Z. “we are really not on a group where we created a cosmetics range, I shall not starting it, you can find folk a lot better than myself for get it done. Here we are on an assortment anywhere i’ve been leftover with a aspect that is totally creative, specifies Léna issues in her facts of December 5 . The cosmetic brand name challenged it throughout the packing. At first, she needed to get the tip in approximately twenty moments. “It grabbed 3 months,” admits Lena.

4 lipsticks, 4 definitions
For the launch of these four lipsticks, Maybelline requested her to imagine 4 various products for each of the styles. And every of those presentation provides real definition. The first RAL is red with an inscription that signifies the YouTuber better: “You become da bo $$” (you are president). The second reason is red, the color that is same the sofa in the living room. Outcome, the merchandise enjoys a small signal with the inscription “Hôtel Mafouf”. The 3rd is Léna Situations’ preferred. It really is a nude with many positive inscriptions: “We’m on top”, “I entice the positive”, “I’m attending succeed” … “I wished to generate a lipstick that paid you compliments” confides the videographer . Eventually, the past a person is burgundy and is labeled as “Paris brand-new York” because “it’s just what brings myself closer to Maybelline”.

maybelline new york lipstick

All lipsticks can be bought solely on Amazon for 12.99 euros. The amounts are extremely limited, therefore, the services and products shouldn’t be found in storage. Product sales began at 5.30 p.m. soon before 7 p.m., all the RALs are out of stock except the green from the shade of the lounge at the Mafouf hotel (and is today). The colour red ended up being the first to become unavailable.

DEVELOPMENT: Maybelline New York House profits to New York City for the seasons that are second to submerge influencers and customers in the wonderful world of Maybelline through specially curated brand knowledge. Located in the center of brand new York’s Greenwich Village, Maybelline quarters will immediately carry you to a quintessential NYC loft, with places focused on best-sellers and brand new releases from Maybelline. Me! family area, tailor your very own hue of SuperStay Matte Ink or discover ways to finally learn winged eyeliner, guests are going to have the chance to experience the Maybelline brand name and services and products in a brand new, entertaining way whether you grab a seat throughout the larger-than-life swings inside the healthy. Friends will in addition be pushed to get their makeup products towards the test, with maybelline-inspired art that is latte Bluestone way.

The Maybelline Home will also display exciting latest partnerships when it comes down to brand name, like the introduction of the brand’s‘Makeup that is upcoming the Way’ video game; friends should be able to play the video game for the first time actually ever on-site. This New York motivated video game, is in close providers with all the introduction of another interesting publish, the Maybelline nyc x Ashley Longshore SuperStay Matte Ink range. The inspired images from celebrated pop singer, Ashley Longshore are reimagined into an interactive dining room that encourages guests to display their particular imaginative part. To join up for a spot at the Maybelline Household

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