How many foundations do you offer? 

How is organic foundation a different product?

HJ: in the application, it is not. In its formulation, it really is. Our base is practically a day cream, it is a care product. Then add one or more pigments. It can be iron oxide, which gives a mat and satiny complexion, titanium dioxide, which on the contrary whitens and covers the skin, or mica, which reflects. It is the balance between these three pigments that gives the result. 
J: for the general shade, it should be remembered that all pigment plays with light, it does not give all the color and varies according to the complexion of each funky makeup bags
S: the rendering of the SANTE foundation is exactly the same as with a conventional product: the finish is bright and gives velvety, suitable for all circumstances: day, night, photos, fashion shows …

Some conventional foundations today use and use mineral pigments. What should we think ? 
J: there is indeed a marketing trend today around these mineral pigments. It can be good. But in which supports are these pigments integrated?

It is often advised to put a day cream before a foundation. In this case, is it essential? 
S: our foundation is based on jojoba and acts as a moisturizer. It is nonetheless important to use a suitable day cream before the foundation. In fact, each type of skin has specific needs to which a foundation does not necessarily respond.

funky makeup bagsHJ: three. It should be noted that the shades we have today thanks to these pigments did not exist ten years ago. 
S: so as not to be mistaken when choosing, I would be happy to remind you of what we see: many people tend to buy a foundation to give the appearance of a tan, and choose a darker shade than their natural color. It seems to me preferable to choose a foundation of the same color as his skin, even very slightly lighter, which will give a much more natural look, will bring light and will allow to enhance the makeup.

With such a perfect foundation, the neophyte wonders why to use the complexion corrector, which you also offer …
S: these are pencils, they are great! Originally, this type of product was very developed in the world of cinema and among photographers. They make it possible to correct small imperfections, “without putting on layers”. The principle is to compose with complementary colors. An olive green for example is perfect for neutralizing a red spot, in a very natural way (conclusive demonstration). Another example, N ° 1, very close to a skin color, makes it possible to enlarge the eyelids. This type of product was invented by a very large French couture brand which sells it for around thirty euros. At comparable quality, we are at SANTE at a third of this price.

How is such a product made? 
S: with vegetable waxes (carnauba, candelila), beeswax, jojoba oil and mineral pigments. A composition which must allow spreading, unlike a lipstick for example.


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