Can we powder directly on the day cream, without going through the foundation box? 

We finish with regard to the complexion with the powder … Composition? 
HJ: a talc base, a little oil, iron oxide and a little non-allergenic essential oil, to make it feel good!

Day cream, foundation … Is the powder the essential third layer? 
S: the powder has several uses, and it should be the most used product in makeup. First, it fixes the foundation, which can last all day. Second, the powder matifies and gives a velvety complexion. Clearly, it avoids shining, the effect most feared by all women … As much as the foundation gives light, the powder avoids reflecting it. There are four shades: the first velvety and matifies without giving color, it is transparent. The second is also fairly neutral, intended for more matte skin. The last two are what we call “terra cotta”, “sun powders”, for those looking for a tanned effect.

It is therefore exclusively this powder which gives this tanned complexion, since you explained to us that it is not the foundation? 
S: yes, and I insist: for those looking for a natural look for this tanned complexion, it is preferable to favor a clear foundation, and apply powders N ° 3 or 4.funky makeup bags

S: absolutely, for those who naturally have a nice complexion.

The eyes

Should we start with the left eye, or with the right …? 
S: we start with the eyebrows… They define the frame of the face, it is he who will highlight the eyes. We offer two eyebrow pencils: the first is “taupe”, for blondes, the other “chocolate” trend for brunettes. The eyebrow pencil is drier than the others. It is not used in long lines, because it is a technique that gives a side “roaring twenties”, with high eyebrows and a very surprised look, but rather in small touches in the interior of the eyebrow. There is a double tip on this pencil, with the color on one side, and a small brush on the other which allows to unify to give a very natural look. Two in one, very practical!

Some interesting elements of composition? 
HJ: waxes and pigments always, but no jojoba oil, replaced by coconut oil and “beaver oil”, more appropriate.

Ohhh … Beaver oil? How awful ! 
J: the “beaver oil”, we will keep reminding you, is a vegetable oil, since it is the international name for castor oil!

What about the pencil wood? 
HJ: it is not faux plastic wood, as we often see, but cedar, from forests renewed and FSC certified.

The cute object, the eyeshadow …
S: we offer them in three colors, which allow gradations. Each user has the choice between six trios. The colors are very current; I have a little crush on number 6 and its “smoky” colors, gray, ash, chocolate, very up to date. For the others, the greens are rather khaki, since the “grass” color is no longer worn too much. The blues are tender, rather “jeans”, and quite distant from the electric blues of the 80s …

The eye contour pencil? 
S: the goal is to enlarge the eye. To have “doe eyes” … Double tip too, with the pencil on one side, and a blurring on the other, which allows a less assertive line, for those who wish.

A blender… An eraser, what! 
S: more like foam, very soft … There are eight colors. These pencils have a small greasy side for easy application, and you have to know to be a real specialist that this is called kajal, a product of Indian origin. For a discreet make-up, it allows a simple little anthracite or chocolate color line, to be applied at the corner of the eye, on the eyelids, on the outer fringe of the eyelashes.

Eye shadow pencils… is this the beginning or the end of eye makeup? 
S: we could indeed have started there! They are made for people who want very simple eye makeup, or who have not yet developed a makeup culture. Young girls who have not been guided for their learning, for example, will apply it very easily and happily. We can have one or more, and mix them…

Eyeliner… What is the difference with a pencil? 
S: the pencil has a greasy appearance. The eyeliner is liquid, it is not greasy and holds very well. We can dance until 3 am, it does not move! Its application requires a little more dexterity. There is three. A black, classic, a brown and a silver gray with pearly, shiny variants, which I really like.


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