How Dubai Expo 2020 will shape the future of Dubai

World Expo is the most anticipated event of the year, and next year Dubai will host the expo, and this is going to bring in lots of gains for the government and residents of Dubai. The news of Dubai hosting the next expo was so prominent in Dubai that it was celebrated with fireworks and announcement of a country full holiday. Ever since Dubai won over the opportunity to host the expo, the expo management team in Dubai is working day and night on the construction site to make this expo the most memorable of all the previous expos.

 Why Is Expo So Important?

The reason why this prestigious event holds so much importance is that it’s a global event. More than a hundred countries from all over the world participate in this event, and when so many bright minded people from around the globe come together, the expo site becomes a hub of new opportunities and economic gains. The theme of the next year’s expo in Dubai aims to bring like-minded people closer and allow them to collaborate on projects which will leave a more significant impact on the future of the world and may give rise to newer innovations in various fields.

Why Is Expo 2020 So Important For Dubai?

Dubai is making significant investments on the construction site of the expo and striving hard to make this event as unique as possible. But there is a reason why the government is investing so heavily in this event. The Dubai Expo 2020 is destined to bring significant benefits for the country especially financial benefits. It is estimated that with the help of the expo, Dubai will gain an economic increase in its economy of up to 20%.

First of all, millions of people are going to attend this event which is going to last for several months. This means that during this event, tourism will be at its peak in the country. Tourists will bring in lots of new possibilities with them including newer job opportunities. According to a report, almost 70% of the people attending the expo are expected to come from overseas and hence Dubai will be the hub of tourism during this event. Even after the completion of the event, the expo site will remain one of the most prominent tourists’ sites in the country and will continue to attract foreigners with its architectural beauty.

Secondly, if Dubai manages to host this event successfully, it will give a boost to the reputation of the country. This means after the successful completion of the expo, Dubai can expect to win over several other critical global events and whether smaller or larger. Every new event that Dubai will host will bring in the same benefits for the country as the expo. The UAE government has already hinted that it plans to reuse the site of the expo after the completion of the event and maybe turn it into a big business center for many small and large companies.

Thirdly, the expo 2020 will not only benefit the government but will also bring in many gains for the residents especially those who live near the site of the expo. They will witness a rise in the job and business opportunities in their area, and many people will want to move close to the expo site. The hospitality industry will also see a significant rise in the demand for its services because of so many visitors coming to the country. Hotel owners near the expo site can expect a big surge in their business during and after the expo days.

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