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There are many different roof systems available in today’s market, each with various strengths and weaknesses. Thermoplastic and PVC which is a single ply can be mechanically attached, fully adhered or ballasted.  Foam roof system is applied with a large spray unit, spraying two liquid components (isocyanate and resin). When the liquids are mixed together, they expand 20-30 times and will adhere to concrete, wood, steel and most existing roof systems, but according to the manufacturers, NOT to modified bitumen. When complete, the roof is monolithic with no seams, fully adhered and has insulating properties.  But the drawback is most of them will have frequent leakeages.  Thus, to overcome all the drawbacks of existing roofing systems, Liquid roofing syatems can be preferred as it is has many benefits and lasts longer durations.

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Roofing has been a critical component of construction throughout history. In recent decades, advances in technology have created solutions that last longer, cost less, withstand harsh elements, and generate less environmental waste. Liquid-applied roofing systems from done right roofing provides a reliable roof system that will give you the longevity you deserve and meet your 21st century needs.

This versatile offers multiple liquid-applied roofing system solutions, each designed for specific applications and conditions. These solutions each feature a liquid-applied component that creates a seamless, chemically resistant barrier to external elements. They can be installed over most existing roof types, eliminating the need for tear-offs or installation of re-cover boards. No hot kettles, no expensive installation equipment, and no special seaming devices are required. Once installed, periodic maintenance coatings will preserve the roof with no additional steps needed.

Liquid roofing systems are highly efficient in energy saving. It lowers the overall cost of ownership including maintenance, energy consumption, and insulation. It conserves energy by reflecting heat from the building and maintains long-lasting color and reflectivity. Roofing tear-offs result in millions of tons of waste being placed in landfills each year. By choosing to install our liquid-applied roof system over an existing traditional system, the need for a tear-off can be removed and considerably less waste is created.

Moreover, Liquid roofing system has many benefits. It offers a long-term protection to any roof whether it’s a concrete, asbestos, asphalt or even wood and metals. In fact there is a liquid roofing solution for almost any type of surface and still is covered by a guarantee. The work is carried out with speed and dexterity so very little or even no production has to stop if the property is a business. Another benefit is there is no need to strip off the existing leaky roof, even an asbestos roof can be encapsulated completely, with no need to strip it off. Liquid roofing can be applied as a single coat of protection to using a multi coat system. The roofing specialists will visit your property to assess what type of liquid roof coating system you need. Also, they will advise you on any specific issues associated with your roofing problem.


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