Cigar boxes make cigars special

Variations in different types of boxes are quite a common occurrence. Like other boxes, a cigar box comes in multiple vitiations. We have witnessed some boxes which have plain and simple styles.

Others can be seen in a more rigged or masculine way. Commonly product comes in Kraft boxes or cardboard boxes and these boxes are very different from cigar boxes in multiple ways.

These cigar boxes are made up of wood and the biggest reason these boxes being made for wood is that cigars are usually used by elderly people. These elderly people are the ones which smoke cigars as they view them in a more masculine way than cigarettes.

Elderly people believe that smoking cigars are a true representation of man. These people believe that cigars should be kept with great care. Cigar making companies keep this thought in their mind while packaging cigar boxes.

Cigar boxes protect cigars from all types of damages which may occur due to shipping and delivery. These boxes also serve many other factions. These boxes are tall in size as they accommodate the cigars in them.

Luxury Boxes

One of the main reasons why these boxes are so expensive is that cigars are often used by several people in society. Cigars have acquired taste one cannot simply just pick up a cigar and start smoking it.

For such a luxury item a luxury box is also needed. Rich people or those people who can buy these cigars can afford them. Rich people are usually the ones who consume cigars.

So the price does not come first, it’s the quality which these people prefer. Rich people often like to show off their wealth, and brands usually know who is their target audience.

Having such expensive-looking cigars In a luxury box will surely make them look super cool among their peers. Since we live in a time where looking cool is everything, everyone tries to look the part no matter what it costs.

If we solely look at the cost of production we will come to the conclusion that people pay to look cool, and cigar provide a perfect way to do that.

Price Factors

Although the price is affected by many factors, some of them are listed below. Age of the carton, the shape of the carton, materials being used are just some of the important examples.

Because cigar box is so expensive. It is regarded as a premium product and it also falls in the premium category, some may also consider this as a vintage product, hence vintage products are usually more expensive than normal products.

Never then less these products need such packaging that compliments their style. Rick people will defiantly prefer quality over quantity.


If we analyze the cigar box we can defiantly see the intent behind such expensive packaging. The box is trying to leave a message in the mind of the customer. although the message should be about the health of the customer here the message is given as how cool you will look after buying one of these boxes.

Most of the cigar carton boxes are plain with no customization on them. This is done so the product gives off the feeling of class and exclusiveness. After you buy one of these cigar boxes you will defiantly feel the rich aura around you.

Uses of Cigar Boxes

Just like any other product packaging, these boxes sever the same purpose. they protect the product from all types of damages. Some cigar companies pack their cigars is not so premium packaging which undermines the whole product.

We have a common mindset that if something is vintage then it has to be expensive, but sometimes this is not the case. Cigar companies have hard-wired their customers that cigars must come in a premium box no matter what.

Customization of cigar boxes.

In this modern-day and age, we are in a constant race to look cool and we can go to any lengths to achieve this goal. Adults in their early thirties and forties began to smoke cigars to fit in with cool people.

Companies take advantage of this factor; an example of this can be taken from Hawaii. People usually go there for vacation purposes so the things painted on these boxes promote the party culture,


In this article, we have discussed the uses and the packaging of cigar boxes. You can use custom cigarette boxes in the USA for the packaging of cigars. How and why cigar boxes are so important and what makes them so premium. Companies over the years have somewhat become experts in this field.

Packaging now carries more importance than ever before. A premium product needs to have premium packaging or else their product will not carry the same punch.


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