Best email hosting providers 2020: For trusted addresses

3 main forms of email hosting

Shared hosting with email account — this is the email account you receive (usually free) if you register to your shared hosting account.

Third-party email hosting — Professional email hosting service that is separated from your web hosting accounts. Not liberated but you receive a email service and expert support.

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Self-hosted email — Save cash on email service subscription and construct your own email address.

Within this report, we will share with you email that is self-hosted and also the most effective third-party cheap email hosting for small enterprise. We don’t advocate cheap web hosting’s email account since it’s not as secure and reliable.

RunCloud conducted surveys on Facebook collection and Twitter and here is the set of email services Which Are most preferred by our users

G suite — Gmail is famous pick at no cost & paid email hosting because it is quick and dependable.

Zoho email — Previously offer free email hosting to get custom domain . Still a cheaper alternative to G package with cloud-based office apps

MXroute — Cheap email hosting for unlimited users & domain names with cPanel

Rackspace Mail — simple and reliable email hosting

RunCloud Twitter Poll: Mail ServicesRunCloud Facebook Poll: Email Services10 Best Third-party Email Hosting

Email is important to your everyday business. You will need a trusted email hosting provider that’s secure, reliable, and good support.

When deciding upon a third party hosting provider, you want to assess some important email features: support custom domain name, 24/7 customer service, anti-spam & anti virus, mailbox storage, email attachment limit, ease of usage, supported email protocols, along with email migration application.

The following are the 10 finest third-party email hosting services (not in any order).



Gmail is most likely the most popular email support today with over a billion busy users worldwide. Gmail supports many program add-ons to power your inbox and improve your productivity.

Unlike free Gmail accounts, G Suite email does not contain ads nor browse your email messages.

Business G Suite Enterprise, or Education variants offers storage for 5 or more users, or even 1TB of storage to get 4 or fewer customers.

G Suite provide email addresses along with your custom domain name (@yourcomapny. com). You can add up to 30 email alias for a Gmail account. Google provides email supports and 24/7 telephone to G Package clients. Check with the migration guide to export your email messages, contacts, calendars into G Suite.

G Suite Price: Start from $6 USD per user per month for Basic program with 30GB storage per user; $12 USD per user per month with unlimited storage (1TB if more than 5 users)

2. Zoho Mail

Zoho Workplace is a substitute for G Bundle and Microsoft Office 365 Business. It contains office package, email, and other programs for work.

Zoho Mail accounts that is free was a favorite choice for custom domain . It was just like a G Suite account! Afterwards, Zoho eliminated most of the email attributes of program. The absolutely free Zoho Mail accounts is currently online only. It doesn’t encourage POP/IMAP/email forwarding. Means, you cannot check your email using a 3rd party program.

Zoho Mail still is an affordable choice of custom domain hosting starts from only $12 annually together with 5GB storage.

Zoho Mail have comprehensive instructions to migrate email from different providers.

Zoho Mail cost: $1/user/month for Mail Lite using 5GB storage. $4/user/month for Zoho Mail Standard using 30GB each user. $6/user/month each user for Zoho Mail Professional with 100GB.


3. MXroute

MXroute is currently cPanel based email hosting with unlimited email accounts and unlimited domains, start from only $30 each year.

This can be an attractive attribute. You can use just one account to create email accounts. Most of the additional email hosting providers have been charging from the amount of accounts.

The storage area only limits mXroute account. The plan only provide 50GB storage. You need to subscribe accounts in case you want more storage. It has appealing promotions from time to time which will announced on its own website . Make sure that you grab them before sold out!

Though cPanel is used by MXroute but don’t confused it to become another oversold shared hosting machine. They have got an thorough email infrastructure to function your own email accounts. If it is rejected because of IP reputation, email is forwarded to a different email replay.

MXroute supports all simple email protocols (SMTP, IMAP, POP3, mail forwarding, email alias). The servers are all backup. They only provides limited support and it’s transitioning to a public service forum. MXroute does not supply a mail migration tool.

MXroute price: $30/year for Little plan with 10GB storage$40/year for Medium program with 25GB storage; $50/year for Large program with 50GB storage


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