First of all clothes stuff of the collection is different Than lawn since it’s enriched mix of cotton and yard threads.

Bonanza Collection

Following Bonanza Satrangi summer season starts and monsoon Lawn Set for MidSummer 2015 is introduced to make your midsummer fashionable and stylish.

Even summer is about to dispatch but also the humidity from the Environment makes daylight hours warm and night hours cool but muggy. Within this situation, dress selection becomes hard because softest stuffs feel unpleasant on the skin. In addition to this colors give eyes are affected on by irritating and someone doesn’t feel comfortable even wearing a summer dress that is loose bonanza satrangi.


If you take advantage of all Bonanza anyhow, it will not happen Satrangi Lawn Collection for MidSummer 2015. Why, There Are Particular reasons for this clarified below:


bonanza satrangi


Secondly, colors available are different than summertime colors With flowering it calm for the skin and cool for eyes.


Stuff is wider enough Which You Can make a loose While wearing so it will not itch in your skin dress.


Along with above qualities that are mentioned these dresses are Offered in 2 piece matches single top bit and 3 bit dresses. All gowns are unstitched available. Given below is your figurative dimension of the fabric you will get in Bonanza Satrangi Yard Collection for MidSummer 2015:


3 meter shirt


2.5 meter dupatta (Lawn)


2.5 meter Shalwar


Add ons include


1 meter dyed embroidered patch


1 thing you need to be aware is embroidered Patch is available only.


Now after studying all the details of the group Want to understand, what’s the cost of Bonanza Satrangi Lawn Collection for MidSummer 2015? Well, this collection is available in prices and both lesser rates. Such as lying between:


PKR 1,280 to PKR 2,580




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