Best Budget Travel Tripod for DSLRs

three Legged Thing Punks Corey

Best Budget Travel Tripod for DSLRs

three-legged component punks corey exceptional tour tripod

Great for DSLR’s – The 3-legged is one of the sturdiest journey tripods on the market

The three Legged Thing Punks Corey is a brawler of a tripod that swings manner above its weight class. At three.Four lbs this travel tripod is rated to maintain as much as 30 lbs, that’s a massive quantity. With a sturdy layout and extraordinary central column that can be converted right into a monopod, the three Legged Punks Corey is a actual contender.

The Punks Corey is made from rubber, aluminum, and titanium materials. The legs are composed of Best Travel Tripod five sections and are locked via a twisting mechanism. The rubber grip for the twists sense right for your palms and looks quite cool too with a gator-pores and skin like sample. The legs can be locked into 3 positions: 23 stages, 55 degrees, and 80 degrees.


Very sturdy

Unique primary column layout

Some may absolutely like cosmetics of this tripod


Tripod need to nonetheless be installation nicely to maintain 30 lbs

Removing important column can make an effort

Some may additionally sincerely not like cosmetics of this tripod

At its finest extension, the Punks Corey is fifty eight” high. Note that a tripod will always be extra difficulty to shake as most extension is reached.

The Punks Corey’s critical column may be eliminated, that could then be transformed into a monopod – along side one of the legs – or to permit the tripod itself to get as low to the floor as possible. Without the relevant column, the ball head is rescrewed directly onto the tripod and the minimum peak will become four”.

To be capable of keep such a excellent weight, the ball head ought to be sturdy. The Punks Corey is AirHed Neo ballhead is simply that.




Three Legged Thing Punks Corey Specs

Load Capacity: 30 lbs

Maximum Height: 58″

Minimum Height: 4″

Folded Length:13.7″

Weight: 3.Four lb

Leg Sections: five – Twist Locks



Is the 3 Legged Thing Punks Corey For You?

Do you need a beast of a tripod that can take care of heavy loads? Want some thing that is purposeful in addition to convertible? Then look no in addition than the three Legged Thing Punks Corey! It’s higher ready to deal with heavy DSLRs and is still able to carry out all the standard responsibilities that befit a wonderful travel tripod.

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