Benefits of using Foil bag

Aluminium foil has as main characteristics its excellent resistance to corrosion and to be extremely ductile. Its different presentations allow its use in various applications and volume demands.

This product is sold in different presentations such as: ถุงฟอยด์ smooth aluminium sheet, sheet aluminium sheet, natural aluminium sheet, painted aluminium sheet, rolled aluminium sheet and aluminium foil tape.

It is also known how: aluminium sheet for bodies, aluminium sheet for construction, aluminium foil for decoration, aluminium foil for furniture, aluminium foil for appliances, industrial aluminium foil, among others.

The recycling of aluminium is one of the most successful activities to achieve the preservation of energy and the environment and at the same time a great market opportunity due to the large amount of waste that remains unrecycled.

Therefore, and under the logic of an environmental governance that has to do with the growing participation of society to help create the kind of country we want to be in the future, awareness of recycling in all types of materials, not just paper and pet, it must be of the utmost importance.

Aluminium has characteristics that make it interesting to be recycled:

  • High energy efficiency: The recycling of aluminium products will lower the energy costs necessary to produce primary aluminium, which are of the order of 35% of the total cost.
  • Infinite use: The same aluminium can be remitted or infinitely recycled without losing its physical and chemical characteristics.
  • Equal Products: The ingots obtained in recycling can be used to make the same products that were recycled. The recycled aluminium can will be tin again.
  • Controlled process: Recycling generates waste, and those that are treated properly will not harm the environment.
  • Preservation of natural reserves: The recycling of one ton of aluminium will encourage the non-use of 5 tons of bauxite. In this way it helps in the recovery of the natural resources we have on the planet.

Some metal objects for recycling are:

  • Canned food
  • Beer cans
  • Metal caps
  • Metal buttons
  • Pale aluminium
  • Internal bag of milk powder
  • Pins
  • Wire
  • Pans


Benefits for the environment

The process of recycling aluminium favours the environment, the economy and people. Producing aluminium from scrap causes a saving of 95% of the energy that would be used to produce from virgin ore.

100% of the aluminium can be recycled without decreasing its quality. During the recycling process, the characteristics of the material do not change. In addition it is not necessary to eliminate other types of bonded materials because both the lid and the can are aluminium.

Recycling process:

  • The aluminium and steel cans are compressed to take them to the recycling plant.
  • The compressed cans are put in a shredder to crush them.
  • A huge magnet that sits on metal separates steel from aluminium. The two metals have a different process in recycling.
  • The aluminium is melted and melded into 25-ton ingots.
  • The aluminium ingots are melted and passed through rolls to form thin sheets, thus making new cans.

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