The trend of online shopping has increased very much over the recent years. There are many advantages of online shopping like a wide range of variety which may not be available on a single outlet a person is going to visit, no sales pressure and no crowd to disturb along with these online websites also provide coupon discounts, free shipping, special discount to regular customers and credit points on every purchase. All these benefits had made life easier, one click and your favorite thing is yours.

Among these online stores, Kohl’s also offers a special card to their some customer such as Kohls free shipping code MVC card. MVC stands for ‘Most Valuable Customer.’ Kohl’s is a departmental store that offers you everything from candy to sports equipment to electronics. MVC card can be used both at the store as well as online. To get a MVC card, you had to a regular at purchasing kohl’s product, and you should have an activated kohl’s credit card. For this, you had to apply for credit card and then activated it online at Kohls website. You will receive a 25% discount on your first purchase. After activation of card online, you had to spend $600 at least to get an MVC card. A mail is sent to a person who had qualified for the card.

Along with free shipping, the MVC card holder enjoys many benefits.

  • When a normal cardholder customer usually receives at most get 12 discount offer every year the MVC cardholder receives 18 discount offers annually.
  • On every normal discount offer, the MVC receives additional discounts.
  • Whenever the store is going to offer discount an advance mail is sent to Most Valuable Customers.
  • The special card holder also enjoys free return offer on their all purchases without a receipt.
  • There is no annual fee for the card.

Along with MVC kohl’s stores also offer a special reward program known as YES2YOU reward based on 3 S credos Save, Share and Surprise. This problem allows you to pay wherever and whenever you want. In this, every dollar spent earns you a point, and every 100 points earn you 5 dollars. Eight saving offers a guarantee under this program. A surprise gift is given to the program participants on their birthdays. The points earned can be shared with the family members and friends also.

Those who don’t have MVC card or those who are not a part of the reward program, so they can enjoy another offer. One of them is called kohl’s cash in which every 50 dollars spent earn you back 10 dollars. Another program called Night Owls and Early Birds, in which special discounts are offered during special hours on selected items weekly. Special offer for customers of more than 60 is also available called ‘Customer 60+’ in which an extra 15% discount offers every Wednesday to them. All the information about different discount coupons is always available on

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