A Model Of Pak-China Friendship


The job’s management has signed a formal Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with a leading Chinese growth and investment firm, Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company. The business has agreed to aid in the evolution and expense of the magnum opus housing project and market Pak-China friendship.

Following are a few of the main motives that Blue World City is going to be important in strengthening the Pak-China connections and emerge since the very first Pak-China friendly town.


  1. It’s A Vision For A Complicated China And Pakistan

Blue World City has been developed using a vision of experiencing a home society which meets all of the global standards of living. It’ll be developed by blending literary and Chinese abilities and technologies and will likely be covering everything from industrial to economic places. Other areas include education, recreation and health.

The home society is geared towards being a Pak-China friendly culture and direction from both the states is working towards it.


  1. It’s A Joint Pak-China Investment Venture

The Chinese construction and development firm, Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company, has collaborated with all the Blue Group of Companies and agreed to spend in the home society. This joint venture marks the solidarity of those 2 states and which makes it one of its type Pak-China friendly town and enterprise.


  1. It is near The CPEC Route

Blue World City Islamabad is near the CPEC course, which can be designed to enhance the commerce between both nations. The majority of the employees working on the building of the Blue World City is going to be Chinese and also to adapt them, the home society is planned close to the respective route. It will fulfill their lodging needs and let them to sail easily.


  1. It Utilizes Chinese Architecture and Development

Blue World City has been developed by utilizing Chinese development and building methods and techniques. The master plan and the architectural layout of this society is going to be affected by the modern Chinese architectural layout and structure.


  1. It Will Accommodate Chinese Citizens

On account of the commencement of this CPEC route, it’s anticipated that a great deal of Chinese taxpayers will proceed to Pakistan in the coming couple of decades. Additionally, because the job is going to be assembled from the Chinese employees, it’s very likely to get a considerable number of Chinese people in Pakistan. To adapt both the Chinese citizens, a different and specially made block will be allowed for them.


Blue World City is your first home venture that’s constructed with the intent of harmonizing the connections between both nations and also to benefit both socially and economically. The job won’t just be a landmark in bringing the citizens of the countries together but may also open doors for endless corporate, economic and cultural opportunities. What is more, it is going to promote and encourage foreign investment in the nation.

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